Launching the new ‘Sapphire In A Box’

Innovation and product development are central to our business at Sapphire. We are constantly looking to develop our company and products to serve our customers better. Over the last 30 years, globalisation has increased by 30%, and it looks set to continue. To do this growth and meet market challenges, we have developed ‘Sapphire in A Box’ – a concept that allows us to supply balconies quickly and easily anywhere.

This clever innovation allows each balcony to be flat packed for secure, easy global distribution. This innovation’s heart is an integral wrap-around structure, which protects the balcony during transport and forms part of the balcony cassettes in-situ.

Once the balcony arrives on site, it is lifted and fitted using Sapphire’s patented Remote Locker device. This clever device enables an installer to lift and attach the balcony from within the safety of the building. The Remote Locker holds the balcony in place until the final bolts are added, locking it into place. This process can be controlled using the COACH app.

Thanks to a collaboration with Knotru Technologies, the more significant can be automated using the company’s mechanical lifting hoist on more critical sites. The KT hoist can be programmed to enter a building, navigate stairs, make its way to the correct balcony installation, and then hoist a balcony to its final resting location.  For maximum automation, Sapphire’s Head of Innovation, Professor Pixedoost, has worked closely with KT to fully integrate the hoisting technology with Sapphire’s COACH software.

Once connected to the building, the balcony’s ingenious protective structure unfolds, rolling back into the balcony cassette to form the balcony decking and soffit.

Sapphire in a Box

This brand-new technology is expected to be available globally late summer of 2022.