Sapphire & Sisk supply a sustainable solution to Wembley’s NE02 development

At Sapphire Balconies, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of innovation, constantly expanding our Next Generation range to provide innovative solutions for architectural projects. The latest addition to our Next Generation suite is the revolutionary Clip-On™ connection, a game-changer that is making waves at Wembley Park’s new North East Lands developments.

In this testimonial video, Ger Hayes elaborates on the exceptional quality, innovative designs and superior customer service that Sapphire Balconies offers:

The Clip-On™ Connection

The Clip-On™ connection, developed in collaboration with leading construction company Sisk, serves multiple purposes: optimising thermal efficiency, enhancing safety by minimising the risk of fire and connecting directly to a pre-cast façade.

According to Sisk, the focus was on optimising thermal efficiency and safety by reducing thermal breaks through the facade. The lightweight (350kg) aluminium clip-on balcony system for NE02/NE03 at Wembley Park is a testament to this commitment.

John Voyce of Sisk highlights the uniqueness of the system, stating, “It’s all about optimising thermal efficiency—trying to reduce any thermal breaks through the facade—but also safety by making sure we’re reducing any risk of fire.”

More Possibilities with The Next Generation

The Next Generation Balcony now offers more connection methods than ever before, providing architects and designers with unparalleled flexibility. From the classic Glide-On™ and Tie-Rod connections to the groundbreaking Clip-On™ connection, Sapphire Balconies is setting new standards for interfacing with construction projects.

Efficiency Redefined

One of the key advantages of the Clip-On™ connection is its contribution to the efficiency of the construction process. The balconies, designed in collaboration with Techrete, ensure a weathertight solution for drylining to start. As Paul Mackell of Sisk explains, “We’ve come up with a system whereby we don’t leave any holes in the facade, and the balconies literally clip on.”

This innovative approach not only enhances safety but also streamlines the construction process. The balconies are designed to be weathertight, eliminating the need for cradles hanging over the edge of the building. Mackell adds, “That’s something quite unique that hasn’t been applied to any other project that I’m aware of.”

At Sapphire Balconies, we are proud to be part of groundbreaking projects like Wembley’s NE02 development, where innovation and sustainability converge. The Next Generation Balcony with the Clip-On™ connection is not just a balcony; it’s a statement—a statement of progress, efficiency, and safety in modern construction.

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