ATW Strategy Day 2023

The ATW Group – a medley of construction experts, innovators, designers, writers, financial specialists and balcony professionals – meets a few times per year for the ATW Strategy Day, rallying together for strategy and team-building exercises. The venue was the beautiful Royal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot and the day was lead by the wonderful master of ceremonies Natasha Bye, where we were all asked the question:

What does 2023 hold for the ATW Group?

Getting the band back together

Kicking the day off was a team building exercise with a name inspiring a sense of adventure – Eldorado!

Members of the ATW Group were tasked with exchanging information across teams with some very specific caveats. Only one team member could leave the table at any one time, that team member had to be wearing a hat and have some very specific information memorised to barter with for other team members information. Though the task itself was full of laughs and helped members to get to know one another better, it reminded them of some key strategies to use in day-to-day business.

Conversation and networking between our companies (Sapphire Balconies, Resibuild, MyDek and Innovast) was highly encouraged. After the task was complete, it was suggested that we may have had an easier time if we’d pooled our information together in one place as opposed to working competitively.

Communication and collaboration are key to solving any kind of puzzle, whether a logical puzzle, a physical puzzle or a puzzle of business. Having obstacles put in one’s way only serves to make a task harder, so by working together instead of competitively, we can avoid the obstacles entirely and make our team truly work.

Successes and goals

2022 was a great year for the ATW Group. During the day we reflected on our successes, our various innovations and how the goals we set ourselves were met. With a huge sense of pride, we looked ahead to 2023. The goals set were lofty yet realistic – aspirational yet within grasping distance.

MyDek and Innovast, two companies still in their relative infancy, were provided with insight into how 2023 could change the way they operate – after a successful but eye-opening 2022 and a little motivation from the ATW management team, every sector of the ATW Group were energised and ready to tackle 2023.

The ATW Group have learned from their successes, come closer together as a team and made significant changes to be revealed later this year. We’ve learned that communication and collaboration aren’t just business buzzwords, but actionable strategies that can improve how a business functions.

2023 looks like a big year for the ATW Group, and with careful planning, exciting launches, communication and cross-team collaboration, it could be the most exciting year on record yet.