Non-Structural Balcony Columns Launch

Sapphire Balconies is proud to announce our innovative product launch of non-structural aluminium extruded balcony columns. Vertical Columns have played a vital role in the architectural world throughout history. It started as a support structure for the building but quickly became an aesthetic feature.

Architects often look to create a distinct architectural language using balconies and columns are certainly an enabler to do just that, whilst adding a sense of grandeur to the building. Vertical columns are particularly common on low-rise buildings, and it has moved from a purely functional role to an increasing trend of being creative with the facade and appeal of the building.

Industry Standard Approach

The ‘stick-built ‘ approach is the standard approach to implementing vertical columns in balconies. Vertical columns are stick-built onsite by general fabricators and will often require a small padstone or foundation because they are a structural requirement.

However, this approach does not appeal to most offsite balcony manufacturers. They believe in high-quality factory finish, which means installing balconies, should be the last activity on the façade, even after removing the scaffolding. Installing columns for high-rise buildings becomes a massive challenge with no proper access.

Sapphire’s Aluminium Extruded Balcony Columns

Our innovative team at Sapphire have launched our new product, ‘Non-Structural Aluminium Extruded Columns’, to address the current challenges with installing feature columns onto building facades.

We believe in high-quality products; hence we use clinical high-quality aluminium extruded columns rather than welded or bolted steel sections, producing both a neat and lightweight balcony column. Additionally, the non-structural function allows lightweight materials instead of heavy steel sections with no need to fix back to the ground.

Our new product is designed to be lifted with the balcony – to overcome site installation needs for scaffold or other external access, which is the perfect solution for high-rise buildings.

A mix of colours is available for these columns, making them attractive for architects. Architects will have the ability to pick colours that match the balconies or let their creative flair shine by choosing contrasting colours.

Extruded Columns Product Application

Sapphire columns are designed to be used from one balcony to another in stacked balconies.

The columns that continue above top balconies to the roof or drop down from the bottom balcony to the ground floor need a project-specific design as no modular solution exists at present.

Installation Sequence

Here is how our product installation sequence will follow through:

  1. Anchors cast-in into concrete with the usual arm attachments.
  2. Arms are then installed to the primary stub
  3. Balconies are delivered with columns flat packed
  4. Columns are assembled on-site at ground level to the balconies
  5. Balconies are then lifted with columns in place

We have launched our ‘Extruded Aluminium Non-Structural Column’ variant with extrusion a standard balcony column profile 200x200mm. Further extrusions can be developed based on the needs of our customers.

To know more about our product, get in touch with our experts at Sapphire Balconies. Or explore what it may look like on your project by using our COACH configurator.