Seek Inspiration from Different Balustrade Designs with Sapphire’s COACH

Balconies are an essential part of our society today. Especially when it comes to creating residential spaces for communities, every aspect of indoor and outdoor space is equally important. This includes the design of balconies and other outdoor spaces that add to the charm of the building. From a resident’s perspective, balconies are treated as extensions of their homes. It is the part of their home where they can enjoy nature and relax after a long week at work. Keeping this in mind when designing balconies is absolutely essential.

There are various aspects that go into the designing of these perfect outdoor extensions of homes. From finding the right materials, to ensuring that the balcony is compliant with the latest building safety regulations, to staying on budget. The most efficient way for specifiers looking to create bespoke balconies is by using a tool specifically created to assist with the various aspects of balcony designing. One of the best tools for specifying compliant and bespoke balconies is the unique online tool COACH created by Sapphire balconies.

COACH was created with the insights and experience from working with architects and builders for over 25 years. This free online tool enables you to design and specify bespoke balconies using predesigned options from a vast inhouse design library or from scratch. The tool also offers intuitive guidance through the process of designing and specifying balconies and generates a downloadable 3D model with all essential outputs required.

Design Bespoke Balustrades Using COACH

Balustrade designs and systems have changed drastically over the years. From frameless structural glass to sleek and simplistic design choices, architects and specifiers have a range of bespoke options to choose from. Whether your chosen building style is designed to continue the heritage of the locations’ ‘industrial theme’ or a modern façade, a complementing or contrasting detail can be selected. It is also possible for designers to play with colours and patterns to create unique balustrades to fit the requirements of each project.  Using printed patterns on powder-coated panels can make your balcony balustrading aesthetically pleasing. You can also create wood effects on the balcony using such techniques.

Ensuring your balustrade option goes well with the external façade of the building is important in order to create beautiful neighbourhoods for community living. To help you get a clearer idea of what balustrade suits your project best, we recommend using a software like COACH that comes equipped with a vast library of bespoke balustrade options. Moreover, the software allows you to download the BIM/CAD compatible drawings and gives you details on NBS specifications, drainage considerations, fire safety information, structural detailing and a detailed project design report.

Design Bespoke Balustrades Using COACH

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Here are some types of balustrades you can design using COACH:

Structural Glass Balustrade:

Structural glass balustrades are popular as they provide uninterrupted views to residents. It is one of the most preferred balustrade options in the market currently. Variations of this type of balustrade can be created using decorative glass to increase privacy and deflect wind.

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Vertical Bar Balustrades:

Vertical bar balustrades can be used to create distinction and add to the architectural style of the balcony and the building. Variations of this style of balustrade includes rectangle, flange in, flange out, rotated on plan bars, T Bars, and mixed variants.

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Modular Panel Balustrade:

Modular panel balustrades have evolved due to the residents’ need for privacy on balconies. These modular panel balustrades are made using aluminium sheets and come with various choices including perforated, sublimation printing, and solid panels.

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Browse the COACH design library for more bespoke balustrade inspiration or book our ‘COACH Unique Balcony Design Tool’ CPD to learn how to use the tool more efficiently.