Creating Customised Balcony Designs While Being Cost-Effective

Balconies are an essential part of urban living. They add a unique look to the outer façade of the building, which can add real impact from a design perspective. With modern methods of construction on the rise, however, creating unique balcony designs might seem challenging, with limited options. But this is not the case – there are various ways to customise your balcony designs while being cost-effective. Find out more about how to use balcony design tools.

Customising Balcony Design

There are various aspects of balcony design to consider when creating customised balconies. Here are some design elements you can tweak to produce bespoke balconies that stand out while being cost-effective:


Balconies come in various shapes; rectangular and square-shaped balconies are the most popular. At Sapphire Balconies, we also create unique balcony shapes like trapezium, which will help you stand out in your neighbourhood.

You could also consider designing a vertical bar balcony between walls as they offer higher levels of privacy outdoors.


The size of your balcony is customisable, and you can decide if you want the balcony to be spacious or compact. You can even opt to specify two balconies in one apartment, one small and the other large.

Balustrade Design

The balustrade of your balcony is the essential design element to consider when creating the space. Some of the different balustrade styles you can choose from are:

  • structural glass
  • standard vertical bars
  • rotated vertical bars
  • modular panels
  • patterned rotated vertical bars.

You can also choose to mix and match to create some genuinely unique balustrades for your balcony. For example, you can use two solid modular panels for the sides and go for vertical bars or structural glass for the centre panel.


The colour scheme is the last aspect of balcony design that you can specify to create spaces that stand out. Choose to mix and match based on the other elements that make the outer façade of the building. You can use various online balcony designing tools to get a realistic view of what looks good and what doesn’t.

Customising Balcony Design with COACH

Customising Balconies’ shapes, sizes, balustrades, and colours.


Using COACH to Create Cost-Effective Customised Balcony Designs

Tools like COACH are extremely useful as they help to bring your unique vision to life. COACH is a free online software suite created by Sapphire Balconies. It allows you to create unique balcony designs by customising all the above-mentioned elements. You can start your design from scratch or use a pre-designed template from a vast in-house design library.

The software intuitively guides you through each element and allows you the freedom to create bespoke designs while still being cost-effective. Using COACH, you can create your full specification in a professional 3D model to get a realistic idea of what your design will look like on the building. COACH also allows you to check the view of the balcony from the interior of the building, so you can look at your design from every angle before finalising the plan.

Your designs created in COACH can easily be downloaded and shared with all the necessary outputs. The downloaded designs are also compatible with BIM (building information modelling) and CAD (computer-aided design) and include the following specifications:

  • NBS specification
  • drainage considerations
  • fire safety information
  • structural detailing
  • project design report.

Additionally, once you have created your design, you can ask for a quote from Sapphire to ensure that your plan is within your budget.

Browse the COACH design library to create cost-effective custom balcony designs, or book our ‘COACH Unique Balcony Design Tool’ CPD to learn how to use the tool more efficiently.