Creating Bespoke Balconies in a Cost-Effective Way

As an architect, you constantly look to create bespoke designs in cost-effective ways for your clients. Especially when it comes to designing balconies: to stand out, it is essential to create stylish and unique spaces. After all, they are an integral part of the façade design and the first thing that potential buyers notice when they see the building. It is also essential to create these unique designs cost-effectively while complying with the latest building regulations. Are you wondering how you can achieve this quickly? It is by using online tools like COACH.

In this post, we will find out how COACH can help you create compliant balconies that are stylish, unique and safe for your upcoming project.

What is COACH?

COACH is a free online software suite that enables you to design and specify your balconies, either from a predesigned option from our library, within specific parameters, or from scratch. COACH intuitively guides you through the process so that within minutes you can create your full specification in a photorealistic 3D model with all the outputs you need ready to download.

Create full balconies specifications in photorealistic 3D models

Discover COACH

COACH helps you visualise and deal with the technical details for creating balconies. The simple photorealistic configurator can give you accurate and photo-like images of your balcony in various colour options, decking choices and privacy designs. These can be downloaded as a JPEG and PDF with your preferences specified. In addition to the above standard image downloads, it also allows you to download the technical balcony construction details, including DWG, BIM/CAD Compatible Drawings, and more.

Sapphire has created COACH based on insights from over 25 years of working with architects and builders. COACH helps specifiers get the results they are looking for and is born out of a desire to make compliant balcony designs as straightforward as possible.

The designs created using COACH can also be shared with team members and downloaded as BIM/CAD compatible drawings. The tool has a new feature that allows architects to download Carbon Savings Reports for their designs, which will be highly useful for companies tracking their CO2 emissions.

BIM/CAD & Carbon Saving Reports

COACH helps your specifications with all the necessary downloadables to keep your project moving.


Step-by-Step Guide to Using COACH

  1. Head to and create your account
  2. Visit our pre-existing vast balcony design library to browse designs or start from scratch by selecting the ‘Create New’ option
  3. Customise various aspects of your balcony design, including balustrade designs, drainage considerations, structural detailing, colour schemes and a lot more
  4. Save and share your designs with teammates or download BIM/CAD compatible designs
  5. Request a pricing estimate for your design and let the team at Sapphire take care of the rest

All-in-one specification online tool

From pre-existing balcony designs to fully customising options, create full specifications in photorealistic 3D models that you can share with your team.


Cost-effective Designs by Sapphire

Sapphire uses modern methods of construction to create bespoke balconies for clients. This is an ingenious way of coping with the current housing crisis and saving on costs without compromising quality. Our balconies are prefinished in our production facilities and stored securely until needed on site. This helps stay on budget as cost-saving efficiencies are enabled when balconies are manufactured in dedicated plants. This method of balcony installation can also reduce the duration of scaffolding on-site, resulting in a direct cost saving for the contractor.

Additionally, factory-produced balconies also help contractors save on time as the units are delivered fully assembled on site. They also ensure high degrees of quality control which is almost impossible to achieve on-site. Moreover, they minimise the need for storage as they are delivered to the site only when ready to be installed.

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