April Fools! The truth behind MagicFix Magnetic Balconies

April fools!

So yes, we were bending the truth a bit when we announced “the world’s first magnetic balcony” – attaching a balcony magnetically using artificially intelligent robots is likely quite a few decades away. However, the joke was based on quite a bit of truth! At Sapphire, we’re innovating every day. Here’s what’s coming.

Truth 1 – Ultra low-carbon balconies

It’s not too good to be true. The reductions in carbon emissions through our newest iteration on the Cassette balcony are numerous and exciting. Starting soon, we’ll be able to provide the rigid, incredibly safe balconies that Sapphire is known for, but using less raw material. This will ultimately reduce the embodied carbon in each project, making for a more truly environmentally friendly balcony.

Truth 2 – Super-fast installations are already available with our Glide-On connections

If you’re after installations that are practically magic, they’re already here. Super-fast installations are already available with our Glide-On balcony connection method. We’ve proven time and time again that our installations take up less time than the bolt-on alternative and we’ve been able to break installation records thanks to our Sapphire Accredited™ installers.

We recently broke our daily installation record by installing 62 Glide-On Cassettes® in a single day – Watch below to see our fastest-ever installation without compromising on the rigidity and safety that Sapphire ensures with every balcony.

Truth 3 – COACH available for mass customisation

The customisation of balconies isn’t a magic trick – with Sapphire’s COACH online balcony configurator, we’ve introduced the ability to design and visualise your balcony at no extra cost. What’s more, once you’ve designed your balcony, COACH provides you with various helpful reports. You can easily access carbon savings reports, 2D & IFC models as well as project specification documents specific to your project.

COACH: 4 Million Options

There are over 4 million possibilities for your custom balcony – the journey begins with a single click…...

COACH: 4 Million Balcony Options In One Tool

The future of balconies might not be magnets, but the future definitely starts with Sapphire. Our newest balcony innovation will mean lower carbon emissions than ever before, fast installations and over 7 million customisation options with our online balcony configurator, COACH. We’ll have more information on our newest development at a later time. Until then – April Fools!