MOT’s: What are they?

MOT’s or Moments of Truth’s are all about a customer determining the truth about Sapphire. These moments are when a customer/supplier interacts with our brand, product or service and is a moment where they will form or change an impression about our brand, product or service.

For example, it is what they see online, how we greet them when we meet or answer a call, what our products look and feel like, etc., etc.

At Sapphire, we use MOT’s as a reward scheme (in line with our value of Appreciation) for those who have ‘stretched beyond expectation’ to make a difference to a Moment of Truth. This is done at our staff meetings where the winner chosen by the judge is announced and given a spin of the wheel of fortune.

The criteria is simply “stretch beyond expectation”:

  • Stretch: Do something outside of what the general expectations are of your role.
  • Beyond: Do something which changes or improves the outcome.
  • Expectation: Wow the customer or external party or avoid them being disappointed.

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