Recycled Content and its Role in Sustainability

On average, 70% of Aluminium is recycled content. Aluminium has played a significant role in attaining a greener and more sustainable solution. With innovation, it has strived to be an energy efficient solution that proves to be of tremendous advantage to the industries and customers.

This highly durable metal comes in different shapes and grades, and based on your requirements, you can choose the quality of Aluminium.

Recycled Content: Aluminium Extrusion

In recent years, aluminium extrusion has increased significantly in product design and manufacturing. One of the key reasons for using extruded aluminium is sustainability.

Different grades of aluminium are used for the extrusion process that renders different shapes. Flat sheets can use different grades of structure, giving a higher strength to weight ratio. Based on the grades we use, we could choose the thickness of the rafters in soffits of the balconies from 3 mm to 2 mm. This process helps to reduce carbon impact by 33% to 44%.

The extruded aluminium is 70% recycled, which will save more embodied carbon by being designed with another material.

Shortages and Cost of Aluminium

The demand from both the global sheet and extrusion remains strong, with all extruders sold out until the end of the year. The war in Ukraine has forced global demand to increase, leading to a scarcity of supply. Thus, increasing their costs drastically.

Our innovative team has forecasted that the Aluminium price would remain high throughout the year.

Hard and Fast Rules

When setting rules for extruded aluminium, never limit your opportunities by being too focused on having a 70% material. Never restrict your stride as the pricing of the aluminium is massively different.

Trying to stipulate with the five percent will limit your supply in the market, which is already hugely limited. In reality, we might have a higher carbon amount, which is not what we are trying to achieve.